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Am I a Hypocrite If I Shield can digital tool is helping

Am I a Hypocrite If I Shield  can digital tool is helping

I work for a digital agency where I work with brands to design and build creative solutions and experiences. I am also a very important mother to take care of my 5 year old when I try to teach her to be a socialist, polite and critical person.

We all play different parts of our lives, but in the last two roles we find pure contradiction …

ME: It’s enough on the phone. Your brain will be thrown when you play with a very long application.

She: But mom, did not build this app?

Yes, I am a hypocrite! The more I have justified my beliefs and concerns and implemented daily executives: Creative digital solutions, I believe, will develop a more advanced, efficient, and more sophisticated society. Anyway.

I’m afraid of using technology, my child is weak, weak, emotionally caring, easy to do, in the way of life with the advice of the company or government.

Not necessarily, I was the first fight with this position.

It has been widely reported that Silicon Valley’s parents and even technology giants like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Tim Cook regard the implications of responsible and moving products to restrict the use of free social media devices or conversations.

When I did not believe the technology was the answer, I was forced by responsibility for accountability and ethics for both roles. For this, I signed a contract for my work, for my son and I …

When I say about the importance of collecting customer data and reaching customers through personal experience …

I promise, my son, to teach you how to become a leader and not just follow the advice of others. To make decisions and questions, the value and accuracy of the information you read, hear, or discuss.

When I preach about automation capabilities to complete marketing efforts, making process tasks easier to implement and addressing both more efficient and consistent businesses …

For you, my son, I promise to teach you what iterations that make you better in any way. Check the violin before playing with the iPad.

When I organized a learning machine, focusing on how self-diagnostic and systematic treatment of the system is very good and essential for the rapid development …

I promise to teach you accountability and consequences. To know that the world is black and white, but it is filled with gray areas that must be explored and understood; variety of positive thinking.

When I state that we can predict emotions through biometric sensors …

My promise to teach you can not say what you feel; It’s important to know that you recognize your own emotions and understand what they mean and how to control them.

When I say open source, believe that there is no barrier to the freedom of new ideas …

Darling, I promise to teach you that you are just manipulative, even the bad guys to create content with the aim of using more power and control. Always be careful and careful.

When we create and develop virtual reality, add and mix …

My son, I promise to teach you the life and your mind as a reality.I do not think I should play a role in my life completely.

I think the challenge I have and the balance I need to find is one of the times. However, I know that all of us in the digital industry are responsible for forming our society; and people form human beings.

Marketing, software development – maybe I do not think about it often, but we make device manipulation for life. We continue to promote happiness through personal and automated experiences that we build and build.

And when I was one of the first to develop the innovations I was working on, I asked for consideration and began to discuss the consequences of our ideas.

It’s not a robot or robot looking for a project that we need to worry about. Unimaginable power, the existence of individualism and identity; buy passion, awareness and rationale. The real risk is that we are robots.

However, through open talks, recognition and worthy views for our progress, we can help each other in reality.


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