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How Blinkist is Building is making a international startup in berline

How Blinkist is Building  is making a international startup in berline

“Got to know, save 15 minutes before, then,” he said quickly. This was when I was invited by Holger Seim, Blinkist’s companion, if I needed an extra ten minutes with him to meet us.

Anyone else will know the importance of ’15 minutes ‘more than a developer services app that allows users to read the lessons from nonfiction books at ’15 minutes’.

Not only is he dealt with, but I also think that he also has a set of keys for a ’15 minutes’ before our meeting is over.

I know I meet people who calculate the time – two and he.

The answer to my question is focused and contradictory, but reflects the global aspirations of Blinkist with Netflix and Spotify in our interactions. Indeed, it resolves many things about company, ethics and work style.

In the end, I have to ask myself – Will it start a customer-oriented operation from Berlin, which has now increased nearly $ 30 million together in three venture capital ventures making in the world of war and passing the test of a rich time facing global competition?

Funding is still better in June this year, generating $ 18.8 million in C series rounds led by Insight Venture Partners, taking part in Greycroft, IBB Bet, and E.ventures.

There are some answers that will help you understand how Holger can use capital.

Business model: What is sustainable?

When I first heard of Blinkist, my reaction was different from Amazon? Why can not I read a free book review on Amazon or just google to find out what criticisms the book has been talking about the latest issues?

So I asked Holger and said, “First of all, it’s important to show that we do not sell books, we have people who are good at reading the book and then making a 10-15 minute review of the book that gives you some confidence, confidence and make it easier for you.

to know the core of the book you then make the right decision for you and if you want to dig deeper. ”

It also means Blinkist does not infringe copyright with a writer or publisher but write a disagreed article about the book in the form of a survey.

Wong uses Blinkist to make learning decisions, and then as an informal learning tool for the topic, they are keen.

“We are making new markets and we are helping to tap into new audiences who will not read the book because they are not interested in a particular topic, or do not read the book again.”

Blinkist’s goal does not disrupt the publishing industry but becomes a leading customer for users who want to meet their needs everyday.

Now, only stream revenue for Blinkist as a subscription. Critical questions for Blinkist right now, do people want to pay for digital content, if all, and how much?

Pricing and subscription: What are the challenges?

From the start, Blinkist has fallen into a model subscription. “In 2012, it is a monthly subscription and there is 4.99 Euro and we have 50 books in the library.

We look at more services like Spotify or Netflix and then try to find relative values ​​in contact with people who can be sold and do lots of tests . ”

Initially, Blinkist started a business with a single model, but they also understood that you had to talk to people again.

“If you have trouble paying every time you want to read 15 minutes, we can not replace the subscription modeling and the other one that has been set since the price and plan we are offering, every month, every year, to keep trying and we will continue try. ”

Blinkist has a clear focus on the B2C brand.

There is no plan to release B2B, but there are companies that offer book reviews for other organizations as a learning tool company and company learning as a big market, we are now in the consumer market, we will grow in this category and become a market leader.

can also choose to move to B2B, and we are confident of the advantages we can use to become a major customer and will help us show B2B if we want it in the future. ”

Internationalization: Blinkist’s plan for 2019

Holger is clear that the great goal for Blinkist will be international and this will be one of the key focus areas in 2019. The company has hired a head of international growth that will set up local businesses in other countries that Blinkist has planned to develop.

The Blinkist product was first launched in German in 2012 but now the main language is the main language. “We still have the German version, but today’s local product, as the main language, we can strive for.


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