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How can I Start a Startup in the starting

How can I Start a Startup  in the starting

When I started, I made a mistake and wasted a lot of time doing anything unproductive or not suitable for buildings and businesses. My research is as follows:

Ideas and What Builds

What do you want to do? I believe this really is the beginning will require a lot of hate work and if you are not happy and do what you do not look attractive, you will lose some motivation.

Ideally, you want to start from a point and see the solutions you can build. It would be nice if the problem was addressed by many who would determine the size of the market. There is also “selling Antibiotics and No Vitamins” as people who pay only antibiotics, not for vitamins.

Almost all beginners (at least successful) are made in solving this problem. Do not make artificial problems because it’s easy to have tunnel vision as the founder of the start.

Also sometimes people start by building and building other buildings after some failure and iteration.


Going solo is stupid and suicidal. There are always founders who will show pain, expenses, problems and workload.

Usually their friends are the best. The founding team of 2-3 is the best. I have seen very large troops often parting with 2-3 companies. You can have the bridegroom as the founder, but of course he is responsible.

How many people have added a director / founder on behalf of making fake artifacts from the people there.

Build your core forces based on characters and no skills, because skills can be easily built, characters can not. Make sure you enjoy these people and enjoy their work as you will spend 50% of your time with them.

How to get started

Do not take office, furniture, startup branding materials, form a company, etc. This does not matter at first. Many early adopters have made this mistake and the focus is gone. When time and money are spent, use wisely.

Spend time and resources in construction and sales. Do not disturb office, furniture, stationery, t-shirts and company listings. This can be done at night.

Whether to register a limited private company or not your choice. My opinion remains the same but it feels there are many founders and partners that you need to register a limited private company. You can do it for 20k. Do not get the right partnership agreement.

In the first place, you may want to include money and stay in your bank account stating that 5 of these can be used to pay the bill.

The amount of buffer is required so you do not have to use personal funds that will make the tracking cost difficult.


One of the founders needs to know the technology. How many are initially failed because of technical decisions. Especially choose the wrong technology heap. Ask people what the best option for you.

Ask some more. This is one thing that causes a lot of failure. Do not just pick something because this is all you know. You can spend 3 months studying something more useful, so it can be opened.

Also, do not scale early. Do not buy expensive servers and start talking about scaling. Do not use technology just because it’s cool.

How to Rent?

There is no silver bullet, the best thing I’ve seen working. Ideally, you want to rent inbound. Let people come to you by hearing about you and your beginning. This often makes ownership and commitment.

You will rarely seek a Naukri core or Monster expert. They can not do anything. HasJobs, LinkedIn Group Facebook, LinkedIn / Twitter Group, career career company, on the contrary, is better for me and for anyone.

Do not go for a resume filter as well. Just talk to them and watch what they can do now and the future as well. Always enjoy the characters through skills because skills can be built in a few months, not characters. Entering the wrong person will be a major responsibility at this time, the money and resources purchased, let alone ask the remaining people not easy for anyone who will be careful of anything and always track 3-6 months.

How to Increase Financing?

At first, not much showed, no product or team and I’m very happy. Needless to say, I can not raise but still, I learned some of the most important lessons to be rejected by any Indian VCs and investors. Do not chase them, so they can catch up.

There are many friends who are hanging out on LinkedIn and you do a good job, they will contact you.


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