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Why I Wish Artificial Intelligence is help me in my businesss


I do not think about how I can do a better job than my business, until I and my friend are sold, there is a US restaurant called Molly’s Lone Star, located in France from La Rochelle.

So, every time

I walk to the restaurant, almost every day, I see how others are doing business. I know how the waiter works on the part of the work, about the clean flow of dirty and well organized, and I am the latest technologist. I think how easy our work is, of course, and the more profits we can become.

Work away from the hardest to manage a restaurant – you need to think about enough people in a hurry, schedule a full time staff, make the workers who set your restaurant right, and make the best staff not eaten by competitors.

It may be easy, but you can not do it all effectively without crystal balls – or basic artificial intelligence (AI).

How do we do the Sunday? What about the week of the last weekend? The week when the summer arrives? The yen is raining, but can not be harvested?

Who makes a good tip?

Who has a lot of hours? Who can search for cooking to eat?This is a kind of problem that there was no easy answer in the late 1990s. You can keep the most accurate posts, but at least in our management, there are just a lot of variations that can be used in the mind.

AI is not available to us now – and if it already exists, it’s too expensive. Massively, with ridiculously, can not be approached expensive.

Sing is the best technology, especially special software. However, sized companies can only provide virtual software with ease. And now, virtual software is more flexible and easy to use than the most expensive software of the past, all still accessible for our little business.

Perhaps the biggest block to launch

AI is scary, as infected – not just because of the 50th 50th year of Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey, which introduces the world to the HAL 9000, an infused AI milk with a sadness to turn malevolent with full cost of human user.

Serious academics like Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee have written about the dangers of “technological unemployment,” and even people who need to know better (I’m looking for you, Elon Musk) has warned about the robots of the existing robots.

MIT economists wrote singing “as a digital technology race forward, they have the potential to leave many workers.”

However, it turns out quite the contrary has happened. AI makes many more interesting and useful projects – especially the most favorite Brynjolfsson and McAfee projects. Evidence for this can be said.

AI as a project creator.

According to a new study on impact automation at U.K. by Deloitte, automation can make four more removal projects – at a higher level of pay, no less.

“AI often means workers can do more in complicated tasks that are considered unique, such as customer relationships or a new brainstorming campaign,” VentureBeat said in the report.

“Automation will set up many projects over the next 10 to 15 years, but more will be made and more will change,” McKinsey wrote in a new novel. McKinsey Global Institute also has about 20 million and 50 million projects to be made by 2030 due to automation.

Projects – even restaurants – can also be more interesting, since the most obvious and repetitive tasks will be most automated. Sing will leave people to make some of the more diverse projects and thus more interesting.

Alexandra Guajardo, who has moved from Dunkin ‘Donuts store in Corona, Calif., Luwih remains in retirement with his employer now making his part, he told the Wall Street Journal.

“I do not need to follow any other small tasks I can see … I can focus on other things that need my attention in the restaurant,” he said.

Indeed, singing the most workers – very economists and other prognostic surprises in things – more than boards with AI; same price increase. Claimed to choose three of the list of potential impacts on the project, employees said AI would add eff operations.

Deep Learning and ‘Hyper-Personalization is the deeper


Marketing automation has become far – just a tool for marketers to automate recurring tasks to recognize demanding customers.

The advancement of technology in this area has increased marketers to use customer data to reduce key understandings and to program programming programming that is delivered at the right time and on the right channels. It’s no wonder that the $ 5.5 billion industry will be in 2019.

Here are three examples of how to understand the marketing automation process to make life easier.

 Identify patterns in data for hyper adjustment.

“Personalization” is a term used extensively, but has since become a very important meaning.

Do not blame me; I do not recommend that you need to stop identifying online shopping and marketing orders. What I recommend is to focus on hyper adjustment.

Marketing Automation with Learning Machine (ML) allows you to create a customer experience with historical interactions, such as buying habits, behavioral behavior and digital choice. But it does not take into account customer intentions.

In-depth technology technology, on the other hand, not only depends on the history of customer interaction but will consider its purpose.

For example, customers come to your site and get rich. During another visit, customers began checking their shoes.

In this scenario, similarities will not depend on transactional data and interactions to create personal experiences, but will consider its purpose.

Learning is far better than other ML and AI techniques to find out what customers are looking for because they have the potential to look for patterns in patterns.

According to Michio Kaku, AI is just as smart as a “lobotomized cockroach, mental addiction.” Processing techniques recognize and analyze patterns to predict actual activity. not seen yet.

 Use in-depth learning to prevent customer retention.

Every business knows that customers can still be less profitable. And, customer retention can increase the company’s profits by manifold.

According to Bain and Co., a 5 percent increase in customer retention may increase the company’s profit by 75 percent. When it comes to improving customer retention, deep inclination can help.

How? By giving the customer what you need, when you need it. According to the Trendspotter report, 82 per cent of people will walk in stores offering personal offers.

Marketing automation accompanied by AI does the same by getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

But in-depth study may take much higher. It takes advantage of customers, personal preferences, spending patterns as well as micro options combined with external factors, such as weather, provide great advice and relevance to customers.

 Customer behavior as science: Data analysis is large and in-depth.

Prescriptive anatomy is another technique that uses in-depth study of customer data to predict future patterns and patterns of behavior.

The marketing automation platform has been strong enough to expect predictions – as when customers will make their next purchase, what LTV customers, who are the most valuable customers, the time customers are buying, and what the right discounts are offered to customers.

In-depth learning is used in the advertising industry to produce 50 percent more efficient activity.

So many super marketers are excited about it.

However, in-depth study is not as easy as possible. Living as a marketer, it’s important to know how it works and how it can be used to benefit you. Marketers who try to fit the user should pay attention to technology.

Strikeforce: Inside Silicon is the making Apprenticeship


When the robot goes, telesur three wheeled telepresence connect to the conference room in Culver City, Calif., In the middle of May no one will call other people.

Flatscreens are mounted on a base-based stem cell, operated from human flesh and blood on the front keyboards, the robots work less than the teleconferencing device.

At least Skype people are in business, but that’s not enough for Peter Diamandis. So then, he collected more than ten PHD Ventures company employees for a monthly meeting, participants who could not ship robots.

Strength of Innovation”Indeed, you lions rebel!

Ujare Diamandis, after the retirees already exist. “Let’s go!” He summoned the group Jedi Hall; It was Obi-Wan, and he was his disciple.

No one has to remove the eye. The attitude of rubbing with the robot is not the fastest aspect of existence in the “Tips”.

The project, after all, of the 20-year-old installed in this room (or beamed from New Jersey or Seattle) is to launch the Diamandic futurism into the production of business results.

Diamandis as an entrepreneur of serials, writers and public beginners who have started with a company that sells commercial asteroids of carriers, aviation gravity, and extended life span, does not contain the XPrize Foundation.

which describes itself as “an innovative engine [and] supposedly exponential change”) and the Singularity University in the far-flung Silicon Valley. In other words, Peter Diamandis lives in the future. The future is 100 percent sure big.

Take a robot!

Diamandis said that today’s Jedi Council is most popular this month, and it’s easy to see why. There was an unparalleled feeling. Renewal of some of the Diamandis projects is diligent. It’s creepy to work here – it’s fun to get the future.

Everyone is frankly in the “mindset of abundance”: the absolute belief of Diamandis that speeds up technological change will address all major issues – energy, climate change, and even mortality.

It is clear that Diamandis, 57, generates humid millennium. But what is clear, is about what has become the connection between this generation. Two columns in the meeting, A.J. Scaramucci, 25, and Brianna Lempesis, 26, are not just ordinary workers.

He is the newest member of the special group – experiments, absolutely, what happens when the brightest young minds of Diamandis can be found will be given distances in the ecosystem. He called this Strikeforce group.

Section 24-7 as an executive assistant and an entrepreneurial part of the site, Strikeforce member works with 2 years term in Diamandis anywhere, when working (or operating himself) the PHD Ventures unit.

They become better participants than the same.

In addition to being Diamandis’ beck and phone, he has access to high bandwidth downloads from entrepreneurial wisdom.

Once completed, they can choose to be “lifer” – PHD Ventures staff members permanently – or retreat to begin their own adventure, with the immediate potential of Diamandis.

On the first level, Strikeforce is only a good name for an internship – which is as old as a hill. However, the relationship between Diamandis and the millennium is incompatible with top-down classic, employer / patriarch-employee / acolyte rubric.

In a geeky world, where moguls technology designed commercial space and debate over robotic robots and robots, Peter Diamandis has become a famous name after decades. In 1995, hoping to revive the industrial industry, he set up XPrize, providing $ 10 million for the first non-governmental group to board three aircraft into space twice in two weeks.

In 2008, along with futuristic Ray Kurzweil, he led the Silicon Valley traveler by establishing the Singularity University “to train, inspire and strengthen leaders to develop exponential technologies to address key human challenges.”

However, Diamandis only began to experience public awareness with the publication of the book of Abundance in 2012. The highlight of the combo is coupled with the much-watched TED, Diamandis said, which recounts “changes”. Translation for new speeches. People began to recognize him on the road.


Artificial Intelligence Can is helping in making decision


Decision management remains one of the test leaders for new entrepreneurs. In fact, those who have the most prominent government-run record have, at some point, made a drastic decision making a reputation.

As a discussion about AI promises the radical transformation of the organization, leaders are more likely to know that it will be easier.

When many people are happy, some do not want to make the decision easier. The ability to make rude decisions without complicated technology is the basis of reputation as a good leader.

The good news is that AI simply can not make it easier for decision makers to be given to predicting machine predictions. As the real effect remains visible, there are ways in which AI is set to make business decisions.


Through data mining, many businesses use predictive analytics to make better decisions. Predictive Analytics allows businesses to anticipate events by looking for data and trying to determine what will happen in a certain time of the future.

AI brings with you machine learning, the more techniques used for predictive analytics. Variations include when data mining involves only identifying patterns in large data sets, in machine processes, machines not only designed to learn from data, as well as built to respond to itself.

With the information provided, decisions can be made on issues such as:Psychological studies have shown that when we are experiencing severe decisions that can be taken in such a short time, the quality will disappear because we gradually reduce our mental energy.

This small app is when a supermarket stores sweets and snacks in the cash list. The marketer knows you will make a decision during a short shopping trip and will be less likely to resist sugar rush when you are done. But you know who can resist the sugar? Machine.

Algorithms, not prone to decision decisions, can make infinite decisions daily, as accurately as possible. Executives who use AI will benefit by using this method to survive human weaknesses.


When creating complex complexity, executives usually have to look at various factors. Where there are many data to be considered, decision makers can make a decision, which makes a decision.

However, the machine can easily handle multiple inputs without tension or confusion. All that is required is a set of instructions or programs that guide the machine to use the possibility and suggest or implement the most logical decisions.

Better human justice.

Until we can produce emotional intelligence in AI, humans will become a guide. Sure, the machine can be left to make easier task decisions that do not require intelligence and emotional experience – both factors that are the basis of judgment in the business.

But for the most critical of where the possibilities and costs of high mistakes, human beings need. As noted by Ajay A., Joshua G.

and Avi G., the ability to make trade-off when necessary is another important aspect of an indefinite judgment for AI. This is because it requires a deep understanding of the organization in terms of values, objectives and risks for sound judgment.

But AI can and still have to be part of a penalty. This role provides people with all the facts and possibilities or predictions.

 Determine whoever gets the job, if someone is.

To find the best person for the project, hiring managers must pass through the group of applicants and general practitioners individually. But who has the time to do that when there are many applicants? AI does not.

In the future, HR will be able to select the best candidates from all applicants by automating responsibility that creates a slow and inefficient process.

The machine will do hundreds of CVs for the best looking, analyze online activity and find out enough information about best insertion.

With such tasks on the way and the evidence that has been compared, all unemployed managers should be used to judge them for the best decision.


There are many exciting changes in the horizons. While AI also does not have to make the process easier, it will give.

How Blinkist is Building is making a international startup in berline


“Got to know, save 15 minutes before, then,” he said quickly. This was when I was invited by Holger Seim, Blinkist’s companion, if I needed an extra ten minutes with him to meet us.

Anyone else will know the importance of ’15 minutes ‘more than a developer services app that allows users to read the lessons from nonfiction books at ’15 minutes’.

Not only is he dealt with, but I also think that he also has a set of keys for a ’15 minutes’ before our meeting is over.

I know I meet people who calculate the time – two and he.

The answer to my question is focused and contradictory, but reflects the global aspirations of Blinkist with Netflix and Spotify in our interactions. Indeed, it resolves many things about company, ethics and work style.

In the end, I have to ask myself – Will it start a customer-oriented operation from Berlin, which has now increased nearly $ 30 million together in three venture capital ventures making in the world of war and passing the test of a rich time facing global competition?

Funding is still better in June this year, generating $ 18.8 million in C series rounds led by Insight Venture Partners, taking part in Greycroft, IBB Bet, and E.ventures.

There are some answers that will help you understand how Holger can use capital.

Business model: What is sustainable?

When I first heard of Blinkist, my reaction was different from Amazon? Why can not I read a free book review on Amazon or just google to find out what criticisms the book has been talking about the latest issues?

So I asked Holger and said, “First of all, it’s important to show that we do not sell books, we have people who are good at reading the book and then making a 10-15 minute review of the book that gives you some confidence, confidence and make it easier for you.

to know the core of the book you then make the right decision for you and if you want to dig deeper. ”

It also means Blinkist does not infringe copyright with a writer or publisher but write a disagreed article about the book in the form of a survey.

Wong uses Blinkist to make learning decisions, and then as an informal learning tool for the topic, they are keen.

“We are making new markets and we are helping to tap into new audiences who will not read the book because they are not interested in a particular topic, or do not read the book again.”

Blinkist’s goal does not disrupt the publishing industry but becomes a leading customer for users who want to meet their needs everyday.

Now, only stream revenue for Blinkist as a subscription. Critical questions for Blinkist right now, do people want to pay for digital content, if all, and how much?

Pricing and subscription: What are the challenges?

From the start, Blinkist has fallen into a model subscription. “In 2012, it is a monthly subscription and there is 4.99 Euro and we have 50 books in the library.

We look at more services like Spotify or Netflix and then try to find relative values ​​in contact with people who can be sold and do lots of tests . ”

Initially, Blinkist started a business with a single model, but they also understood that you had to talk to people again.

“If you have trouble paying every time you want to read 15 minutes, we can not replace the subscription modeling and the other one that has been set since the price and plan we are offering, every month, every year, to keep trying and we will continue try. ”

Blinkist has a clear focus on the B2C brand.

There is no plan to release B2B, but there are companies that offer book reviews for other organizations as a learning tool company and company learning as a big market, we are now in the consumer market, we will grow in this category and become a market leader.

can also choose to move to B2B, and we are confident of the advantages we can use to become a major customer and will help us show B2B if we want it in the future. ”

Internationalization: Blinkist’s plan for 2019

Holger is clear that the great goal for Blinkist will be international and this will be one of the key focus areas in 2019. The company has hired a head of international growth that will set up local businesses in other countries that Blinkist has planned to develop.

The Blinkist product was first launched in German in 2012 but now the main language is the main language. “We still have the German version, but today’s local product, as the main language, we can strive for.