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Am I a Hypocrite If I Shield can digital tool is helping


I work for a digital agency where I work with brands to design and build creative solutions and experiences. I am also a very important mother to take care of my 5 year old when I try to teach her to be a socialist, polite and critical person.

We all play different parts of our lives, but in the last two roles we find pure contradiction …

ME: It’s enough on the phone. Your brain will be thrown when you play with a very long application.

She: But mom, did not build this app?

Yes, I am a hypocrite! The more I have justified my beliefs and concerns and implemented daily executives: Creative digital solutions, I believe, will develop a more advanced, efficient, and more sophisticated society. Anyway.

I’m afraid of using technology, my child is weak, weak, emotionally caring, easy to do, in the way of life with the advice of the company or government.

Not necessarily, I was the first fight with this position.

It has been widely reported that Silicon Valley’s parents and even technology giants like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Tim Cook regard the implications of responsible and moving products to restrict the use of free social media devices or conversations.

When I did not believe the technology was the answer, I was forced by responsibility for accountability and ethics for both roles. For this, I signed a contract for my work, for my son and I …

When I say about the importance of collecting customer data and reaching customers through personal experience …

I promise, my son, to teach you how to become a leader and not just follow the advice of others. To make decisions and questions, the value and accuracy of the information you read, hear, or discuss.

When I preach about automation capabilities to complete marketing efforts, making process tasks easier to implement and addressing both more efficient and consistent businesses …

For you, my son, I promise to teach you what iterations that make you better in any way. Check the violin before playing with the iPad.

When I organized a learning machine, focusing on how self-diagnostic and systematic treatment of the system is very good and essential for the rapid development …

I promise to teach you accountability and consequences. To know that the world is black and white, but it is filled with gray areas that must be explored and understood; variety of positive thinking.

When I state that we can predict emotions through biometric sensors …

My promise to teach you can not say what you feel; It’s important to know that you recognize your own emotions and understand what they mean and how to control them.

When I say open source, believe that there is no barrier to the freedom of new ideas …

Darling, I promise to teach you that you are just manipulative, even the bad guys to create content with the aim of using more power and control. Always be careful and careful.

When we create and develop virtual reality, add and mix …

My son, I promise to teach you the life and your mind as a reality.I do not think I should play a role in my life completely.

I think the challenge I have and the balance I need to find is one of the times. However, I know that all of us in the digital industry are responsible for forming our society; and people form human beings.

Marketing, software development – maybe I do not think about it often, but we make device manipulation for life. We continue to promote happiness through personal and automated experiences that we build and build.

And when I was one of the first to develop the innovations I was working on, I asked for consideration and began to discuss the consequences of our ideas.

It’s not a robot or robot looking for a project that we need to worry about. Unimaginable power, the existence of individualism and identity; buy passion, awareness and rationale. The real risk is that we are robots.

However, through open talks, recognition and worthy views for our progress, we can help each other in reality.

The Latest Thing You Need is the criminal of cyber crime


It may also be science fiction, but new threats arise in the hacking world that makes human voices.

personal identity or use hidden audio instructions for controlling system controls.

This Yen is better, no.

We have seen cyber safety researchers point out some of the methods used in concept-proof attacks, and the risk is the first priority in August at Black Hat.

where hackers ethics show a new way of “spoofing” the voice and attackers who are widely used personal digital assistants through voice commands.

Large data panicking attacks and secret instructions have been the result of a company’s quest to search for verification biometrics as an alternative (or may be substantially replaced).

However, without this stimulus, the world has led a simpler and faster universal access way for consumers to enable and control the gadget, without the need to type a button or type on the screen log.

The reason for this:

The “smart” world gadget is faster, either as a thermostat connected at home or office or driving car. Turning on sounds makes it easier to use the service, and intelligent smarts also appear as new home-based technology and work.

However, since the world is turning to a switched and acclaimed product, it creates a new attack on exploitative criminals.Here are some ways hacking sounds can be a bigger problem next year:

Sound of Sound aolong

It is not difficult to steal people’s voice.Sound cloning technology has become more and more powerful. Already, we’ve seen products by Adobe, Baidu, Lyrebird, CereProc and others that provide multiple levels of voice cloning / spoofing capabilities.

Although the tool is designed for legitimate business purposes, in this theory it can be used by evil figures.

Basically, the fundamental idea is to listen to voice voices from people’s voices – can be a few minutes, or even a few seconds – in-technology or technology created by intelligence can imitate the singers, make new talks that the real people never really said. About a couple of years later, we found many tools available online and at low prices.

Im implication must be clear.

If an attacker can “steal” people’s voice (it’s easy to collect sound samples from the internet or remotely remotely target), then a criminal can then be used to enter into any account obtained by a banking-rich biometric voice.

Many financial institutions now provide voice verification to customers, such as HSBC, Barclays, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, Santander and others.

Smart speaker hacks

Every voice-controlled product or service can be manipulated by unknown voice. Now, some researchers have provided the concept of an attack concept .

which they use subliminal messaging to cue auxiliary voice from some of the popular brands – Apple Series, Google Now, Alexa Amazon – to do what they do not want.

This subliminal guide can be hidden in a YouTube video, song or audio type file. The guide is disseminated beyond the normal human frequency range, which makes it invisible – but he registers smartly.

This allows the attacker to give orders to the device without the victim’s sense. By using an attack, a criminal may force the device to make a purchase, open a website or access a connected bank.

In doing so this step is better, does not angel imagine this attack becoming more common as “audio malware,” especially if there is one type of most popular vulnerability in the smart brand.

In this case, online video, music service and files may be affected with protected file files with subliminal voice, increasing the possibility for hackers.

Deepfake’s voice

Not just the “fake news” news on social media sites can not be disturbed at all times, but may be much worse.


Cloud Telephony is Easing is blenging the process


In addition to compliance with regulatory requirements, private finance companies need to find more prerequisites to improve the industry. One of the most important is efficient customer service. Organizations that rely on personal finance should ensure the privacy and security of data, and quick resolution of customer inquiries.

It sees that the sector is aware of the importance of virtual telephony, and uses it effectively and safely to meet its demands. It has stopped using technology on its expired premises to capitalize heavily on capital.

Now, let’s look at cloud mega products and tools that help the private financial sector to address safer, more effective and effective issues.

Central Business Phone Number

Virtual numbers, 10 digit phone numbers that have many other mapped numbers, as centralized contact numbers for any organization. So if your customer’s geographic location is based, it can call the same contact number to reach the account manager.

Not only this, the virtual number also guarantees phone traffic that helps monitor the performance of all agents from one location.

Therefore, at other times the subscriber records an undeclared call, it can be easily tracked that the agent does not perform its duties with religion.

Agent Sticky

Prospect problems through the IVR menu to reach the agent each time they call, will be solved with the help of ‘Agent Sticky’. This feature ensures that certain calls will only be connected to an agent giving the customer / lead early.

This feature makes two processes. First of all, customers will only be connected to a dedicated account manager every time they make a call.

Secondly, prospects need not explain other questions to other agents if they need other assistance related to the same problem. This feature not only reduces customer waiting time but also increases the overall productivity of the team.

Call Recording

Other recording calls should have features for personal financial firms. The reason I’m focused on personal finance, is one of the sectors that involve making money on behalf of customers.

So, it’s important to keep track of all customer agent conversations to reduce the risk of any future disputes. And it also helps organizations come quickly with customer complaints.

In addition, call recording is also used to monitor call quality and uniformity. Call recording agencies are required to monitor user performance, and the best recording is also used for training purposes.

IVR-based cloud

In addition to these undeniable features, cloud-based IVR helps private finance companies meet a sudden demand. At the time of major economic changes such as the implementation of the GST and the revision, the company had a high volume, and the phone did not stop even after hours.

To find a great increase in customer calls, IVR is still available 24 * 7 and allows callers to leave messages in voicemail when no agents are available during business hours. It also makes automatic call distribution (ACD), and therefore handles high volume of calls efficiently.

IVR when combined with CRM, interact with the caller to provide account information without human assistance. Information such as money invested in mutual funds, outstanding premium amounts, profits earned for certain stocks and more. can be provided to customers through CRM affiliate IVR.

Automatic Call Database

The Cloud Telephony also makes it easy for companies to disseminate important information, and remarket their products to callers using an automated call database.

The database is used to reach prospects through SMS, facebook ads or over the phone. Therefore, when the company needs to tell customers about best mutual funds or other investment opportunities, it can be done by getting SMS for multiple callers.

Bulk SMS features are also used to provide important customer information such as annual premium payments, sending order confirmation messages to customers, and sending OTP to facilitate secure transactions.

In addition, caller database is also used to create IVR outgoing phones to provide important information such as Aadhar card marks, and return tax on time.

Next, virtual telephony produces catalysts in facilitating the personal financial sector process. In past years, the need for all personal finance companies to use your virtual telephon.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence to improve your business


Techniques of technology, known for artificial intelligence, propagate the great winds around the globe, increasing dust in various environments and distributing intellectual discourse among scholars on mortality.

The assertion that the “robots taking from” it is bitter to swallow as panic among workers. The 2017 report of the McKinsey Global Institute recalls, which states, in 2030, many people will be tortured for new skills because the work will be launched by machines.

Find out from the 2020 Workshop Report (Ngarsane)

What AI and Automation really mean to Work open employers can not hate, otherwise, if they open the prospect of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

About eighty percent of business leaders believe that 360 hours can be saved each year with automated inputs through artificial intelligence.

The report also stated that only 29 percent of workers interested in the field of automation in the workplace, 52 percent of the entrepreneur who knew. This number is based on the effects found from artificial intelligence on both sides.

Here are five reasons for more than half of entrepreneurs interested in artificial intelligence.

 AI will cost less workers.

The organization prepares a lot of resources in the welfare of workers. In 2016, US companies withhold more than $ 70 million to study and grow workers.

They also offer competitive work packages such as health insurance, dentistry, flexible account cancellation, paid vacation and additional purchase times, among others.

The deal was made to strengthen the workers for better achievement and productivity, but often the result of the following investment.

Having a robot performs some tasks performed by a worker who means a reduction in the number of employees. Which ultimately reduces employee spending reductions, stores enterprise resources for other productive businesses.

AI eliminates the time of the lion too much.

By Productivity 2017 at the Report Place by Red Letter Days for Business, workers at U.K. investing more than 400 million annually during the task.

Additionally, workbook studies by AtTask and Harris Interactive show that employees in the United States only spend 45 percent of time performing their main tasks.

What happens in half an hour? They are doing in the “more chapter” which is useless for the organization. This means that unemployed unemployed staff are unavailable.

With the realization of weaknesses by employees, what is the way to handle this company’s resources is the development for directors. Type artificial intelligence. Routine tasks can be automated.

Thus, employers do not have to worry about labor that can not do what they ought to do. Once programmed, the machine will use the task by following the standard and the guides mentioned.

AI sets a good decision.

Efforts have grown positively. Accurate business businesses include good results. Tony M Fountain, founder of NOW Entertainment, explains that “organizations are based on the operation of the data provided.

Organizations that use large data are at higher risk when collecting data in the hands of employees. Ana is always possible, not too little, because it is not right. Employers can evict this problem by using artificial intelligence for business understanding and data collection.

 AI helps reduce mistakes.

Human error can not be done. That’s better why he should be prevented. Human error in the workplace can damage financial organizations and reputation.

Employee can easily be disturbed by physical and emotional situations, causing damage that sometimes can not be done anymore.

More and more workers in the work process are more or less. Using artefacts to create works creating environments that can control management quality, correct the tasks with guideline correctly and close accidental gaps for people’s mistakes that can not be done.

It connects the chain process, hand over handoffs and prevents plug-ins that often undergoes manual processing.

AI provides good customer service.

Customer relationships are part of a business, and provide good customer service.The upsurge for the event can quickly become very large for unit support customers especially when addressing major policy customers. For customer service delivery .

How Technology is Revolutionizing the trevel problem


The fact that almost all Travel & technology industry is little about technology can not be recognized. Business tickets and online travel agents are closed quickly and the reason is not relevant to existing markets; a market that users are relying heavily on technology.

‘Offline’ is not just radar like the term ‘OTA’ for Aggregators Travel Online and travel advisers / agents that are replaced by reserved content available online.

The reasons for visitors’ souls are very different from the past few years, solo travelers and group travel partners become the norm, as the trend shows a steady decline in conventional travel families.

Internet development

Booking or web pages are travel spaces, including air tickets and hotels. But focus style focuses on mobile apps with them to gain confidence gradually.

Online travel

reservations have been in India since the beginning of 2000, but more like other online services, they are considered fraudulent and discouraged.

The dramatic use of mobile phones in the mid-2000s, with 400 million Internet users in India alone, has provided much to the development of online-based services so there is no initial interest.

Kabegen IT in the country has given its own talent, producing better software every day, combining fast online travel industry.

IT Beginner and Industry

Speaking of Tech – IT, starting in India to the travel market, hit the jackpot while not having to go abroad for development. This means win-win situation for everyone in the image, work of skilled worker for the company and good end result for the user to enjoy.

User interface is a great way to create customers. Larger fascia at home plus seamless back-end calculus taking the finishing to the correct accuracy has produced a free tone experience for everyone.

It’s solely dealt with the quality of today’s technology development at home and its ongoing capabilities for today’s restructuring, has acquired today’s technology journey.

Asia is leading the way as it moves, outside Europe and America, due to its intense competition and continued development, OTAs in the southeast, middle east and subcontinent have saved.

A spokeswoman said that the rapidly expanding tourism in the region and the large consumer responsibilities were fully shared.

Replace Approach

Travelers do not want to take that guide anymore, or it seems to be a trend. More visitors and believe the ‘original’ experience from the table remains long.

Approaching local culture while looking at everything there is to see is the main priority now. You see, if you’ve never visited the place again, there’s no way to learn the ‘original’ experience. Technology builds a bridge here.

Social media sites and blog sites are the number one source to find places to visit. Percentage of tourists aged 18-50 years, increasing, generally, increased by more than 60%. This is the main lake in the sea, which can, pay travel or even pay for yourself. They make a lot of markets.

Given that the technology is true with the age group in the discussion, it’s easy to get someone to stop the technology exit on the go. “Adults use mobile phones for at least one booking on the way”. If you are not spontaneous or hippie, the internet is your friend on the road.

Social Media and Internet

Social and internet media should play a role. The most obvious fact is, the internet is required for all working technicians. The subject is not relative to more online travel board companies, becoming their own marketplace.

Today, away from TV commercials, you are refusing to Buy one get a single offer for a hotel room even though it does not have to be spent, social media content and Travel blogs are the most original advice, smooth to take on the next trip.

Brands including OTA, hotels and airlines also use influencers and bloggers for tasty and interesting content as well as fine brand placements at the same time making more people pack their bags than ever before.

There is no sure number but the number of people being ‘influenced’ for a good journey has reached.

The technology was created as a supplement

Tech to things to make life easier. The launching of technology has been replaced and has brought everyone from the trip.

It has been made faster and slower but surely, we believe that the tourism and tourism industry will make all the technologies and robots possible.