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The Latest Thing You Need is the criminal of cyber crime

The Latest Thing You Need  is the criminal of cyber crime

It may also be science fiction, but new threats arise in the hacking world that makes human voices.

personal identity or use hidden audio instructions for controlling system controls.

This Yen is better, no.

We have seen cyber safety researchers point out some of the methods used in concept-proof attacks, and the risk is the first priority in August at Black Hat.

where hackers ethics show a new way of “spoofing” the voice and attackers who are widely used personal digital assistants through voice commands.

Large data panicking attacks and secret instructions have been the result of a company’s quest to search for verification biometrics as an alternative (or may be substantially replaced).

However, without this stimulus, the world has led a simpler and faster universal access way for consumers to enable and control the gadget, without the need to type a button or type on the screen log.

The reason for this:

The “smart” world gadget is faster, either as a thermostat connected at home or office or driving car. Turning on sounds makes it easier to use the service, and intelligent smarts also appear as new home-based technology and work.

However, since the world is turning to a switched and acclaimed product, it creates a new attack on exploitative criminals.Here are some ways hacking sounds can be a bigger problem next year:

Sound of Sound aolong

It is not difficult to steal people’s voice.Sound cloning technology has become more and more powerful. Already, we’ve seen products by Adobe, Baidu, Lyrebird, CereProc and others that provide multiple levels of voice cloning / spoofing capabilities.

Although the tool is designed for legitimate business purposes, in this theory it can be used by evil figures.

Basically, the fundamental idea is to listen to voice voices from people’s voices – can be a few minutes, or even a few seconds – in-technology or technology created by intelligence can imitate the singers, make new talks that the real people never really said. About a couple of years later, we found many tools available online and at low prices.

Im implication must be clear.

If an attacker can “steal” people’s voice (it’s easy to collect sound samples from the internet or remotely remotely target), then a criminal can then be used to enter into any account obtained by a banking-rich biometric voice.

Many financial institutions now provide voice verification to customers, such as HSBC, Barclays, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, Santander and others.

Smart speaker hacks

Every voice-controlled product or service can be manipulated by unknown voice. Now, some researchers have provided the concept of an attack concept .

which they use subliminal messaging to cue auxiliary voice from some of the popular brands – Apple Series, Google Now, Alexa Amazon – to do what they do not want.

This subliminal guide can be hidden in a YouTube video, song or audio type file. The guide is disseminated beyond the normal human frequency range, which makes it invisible – but he registers smartly.

This allows the attacker to give orders to the device without the victim’s sense. By using an attack, a criminal may force the device to make a purchase, open a website or access a connected bank.

In doing so this step is better, does not angel imagine this attack becoming more common as “audio malware,” especially if there is one type of most popular vulnerability in the smart brand.

In this case, online video, music service and files may be affected with protected file files with subliminal voice, increasing the possibility for hackers.

Deepfake’s voice

Not just the “fake news” news on social media sites can not be disturbed at all times, but may be much worse.



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