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Why I Wish Artificial Intelligence is help me in my businesss

Why I Wish Artificial Intelligence is help me in my businesss

I do not think about how I can do a better job than my business, until I and my friend are sold, there is a US restaurant called Molly’s Lone Star, located in France from La Rochelle.

So, every time

I walk to the restaurant, almost every day, I see how others are doing business. I know how the waiter works on the part of the work, about the clean flow of dirty and well organized, and I am the latest technologist. I think how easy our work is, of course, and the more profits we can become.

Work away from the hardest to manage a restaurant – you need to think about enough people in a hurry, schedule a full time staff, make the workers who set your restaurant right, and make the best staff not eaten by competitors.

It may be easy, but you can not do it all effectively without crystal balls – or basic artificial intelligence (AI).

How do we do the Sunday? What about the week of the last weekend? The week when the summer arrives? The yen is raining, but can not be harvested?

Who makes a good tip?

Who has a lot of hours? Who can search for cooking to eat?This is a kind of problem that there was no easy answer in the late 1990s. You can keep the most accurate posts, but at least in our management, there are just a lot of variations that can be used in the mind.

AI is not available to us now – and if it already exists, it’s too expensive. Massively, with ridiculously, can not be approached expensive.

Sing is the best technology, especially special software. However, sized companies can only provide virtual software with ease. And now, virtual software is more flexible and easy to use than the most expensive software of the past, all still accessible for our little business.

Perhaps the biggest block to launch

AI is scary, as infected – not just because of the 50th 50th year of Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey, which introduces the world to the HAL 9000, an infused AI milk with a sadness to turn malevolent with full cost of human user.

Serious academics like Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee have written about the dangers of “technological unemployment,” and even people who need to know better (I’m looking for you, Elon Musk) has warned about the robots of the existing robots.

MIT economists wrote singing “as a digital technology race forward, they have the potential to leave many workers.”

However, it turns out quite the contrary has happened. AI makes many more interesting and useful projects – especially the most favorite Brynjolfsson and McAfee projects. Evidence for this can be said.

AI as a project creator.

According to a new study on impact automation at U.K. by Deloitte, automation can make four more removal projects – at a higher level of pay, no less.

“AI often means workers can do more in complicated tasks that are considered unique, such as customer relationships or a new brainstorming campaign,” VentureBeat said in the report.

“Automation will set up many projects over the next 10 to 15 years, but more will be made and more will change,” McKinsey wrote in a new novel. McKinsey Global Institute also has about 20 million and 50 million projects to be made by 2030 due to automation.

Projects – even restaurants – can also be more interesting, since the most obvious and repetitive tasks will be most automated. Sing will leave people to make some of the more diverse projects and thus more interesting.

Alexandra Guajardo, who has moved from Dunkin ‘Donuts store in Corona, Calif., Luwih remains in retirement with his employer now making his part, he told the Wall Street Journal.

“I do not need to follow any other small tasks I can see … I can focus on other things that need my attention in the restaurant,” he said.

Indeed, singing the most workers – very economists and other prognostic surprises in things – more than boards with AI; same price increase. Claimed to choose three of the list of potential impacts on the project, employees said AI would add eff operations.


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