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Why Your Company Should is making for digital crisis

Why Your Company Should  is making for digital crisis

Just last week, Amazon’s Prime Day was not played as a draft. A persistent buyer can be found in the technical field on the website, preventing it from releasing big deals. Hasile?

Analysts about Amazon lost $ 90 million last year, but the company finally bounced back from just looking for an episode, Prime Day adjustment by taking $ 3.4 million on sales.

Events like these are now increasing

(just visit Outage.Report to see which service is down now). There’s a reason to sing: break technology. What are the consequences of human error, a third party service disruption or a rare but dangerous “black swan” event, though Amazon’s most intense corporate technology should handle digital interference.

Lan, because customers now expect a “always-on” experience, which can not provide you can also cost you more than uninvited opportunities.

Fortunately, singers who experience unexpected changes need not make a crash. By using a “war” centered and mindset approach, you can quickly reduce damage and restore order. Here are three suggestions to be prepared before the next digital crisis:

Starting to act ‘torture his own words’ to prepare the worst.

Exercise makes perfect. Therefore, militia members do basic training before they walk in zone war. When they finally typed the battle, they (hopefully) were ready to fight.

You need to apply the same level of training and exercises to teams that monitor digital operations. One of the best ways to do this is by deliberately making a big event, famous among some as “war.” Our team at PagerDuty made an internal initiative, known as “Failed Friday.”

Says: Every day from 10:00 to midday, take care of yourself offline. It does not become a mission criticism of our business such as customer support, but losing service still gives problems to engineers that we must address to return to the “peaceful times.”

The mock mock gives each team member a chance to know what to do before the crisis. Investing in this time and making it pay dividends when disaster is right.

Clearly define roles and responsibilities before.

Establishing a clear line of responsibility and task is very important for operations performed by the military or non-military, especially when it comes to problems.

For example, during the operation of Osama bin Laden sang a famous song, one of the helicopters that had been suppressed was damaged during bankruptcy and should be destroyed as technology had proprietary.

When other Naval SEALs infiltrate into composites, one remains with a helicopter to handle the task criterion.

In order for your expert to succeed in the face of unwanted, should know to sing randomly. Without understanding, unplanned events can be a “all-hand” event, which does not necessarily interfere with employees, and is extremely inefficient.

Try to imagine what can not be resolved 23 Navy SEALs try to overcome the problem of the helicopter.

The most important role to determine is the event co-occurrence. While organizational structure in peaceful times is based on seniority, different times of war. When a digital majority happens, this comedienne becomes the highest individual, higher than the CEO.

This individual, better to sing about the actual team response from people in executive management, is responsible for taking all the information provided and making every decision.

The formation of the structure and the roles and responsibilities, as well as disseminating such information to workers, help overcome the confusion the team members will have to face. This makes the acting process more effective, more efficient.

Your team’s health priorities and ensure the balance of work.

The staff of the rich team who are given the task time, your team needs rest from killing, the pressure of the experience raises the fire.

In our study, we find that more than half IT professionals experience interruptions and / or personal interactions more than 10 times per week as a result of digital or maintenance services disruption.

This true response is built by knowing the difference between human and opsine. The account is for human factors related to frontline operations, such as health and happiness workers, and joining people with strategic management.

In my opinion, one of the customers, Intercom, the technology company in the Bay Area, set the standard for humanitarian approach.


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